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About me

This is my little sanctuary where I bottle up the unix computer zealot in me, you can call me microsounds if you want.

I like muted pastels, starry night skies, people watching and the unix programming environment. This site is my ongoing effort to rekindle my lived, neglected and potentially imagined experiences from the recent past.

“I bet you have soft hands and have trouble in loud environments”
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The echoes of the old world I once loved and lost have grown dissonant and almost unrecognizable, and even though the world I used to know has all but bitrotted away, I can still make out the last remnants of those dreamlike days, the sentimental microsounds and the sweet nothings spared the ravages of time.

But aside from that, I enjoy designing/writing my own tools and extending existing tools to automate things I would otherwise be doing by hand. Both as a form of puzzle solving, and sometimes to force myself to try new things.

"The promise and wonder of sharing what we know"

Personally written web pages where individuals can share their knowledge, dreams and desires through the low tech, open and psuedononymous nature of the world wide web have all but disappeared. Unfettered access to the world’s useful information is slowly being eroded in the pursuit of user data analytics and short term financial gain at the expense of everyone else.

I rolled my own static site generator and my own superset of markdown to author this site and to show that things don’t have to end this way. Anyone can create their own personal sandbox on the web and put as much or as little effort into it as they’d like.

I would be lying if I said I was interested in long form writing, I want to share what I like through the lens of metaprogramming and have fun doing it.

It’s a never-ending process.


“This is a website for a person who is nostalgic for the past. They remember fondly the world they used to know, and although it has all but disappeared, they can still make out the last remnants of it. They want to share their memories with others who may feel the same way and create a community of like-minded people.”
OpenAI GPT-3 after being prompt injected with this website.

“your internet personality is the gayest thing ive ever seen—i love it”
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Things I’ve made recently

I have a collection of notes and writings located at /notes if you’re interested.

Other projects

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Contact me

I’m on d*scord, feel free to message me anytime, I receive push notifications even when offline.
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I still hate you, last.fm 💔💔💔

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