About me

This is my little sanctuary where I bottle up the unix computer zealot in me, you can call me microsounds if you want.

I like muted pastels, starry night skies, people watching and the unix programming environment. I like to have this album in the background sometimes.

More importantly, I enjoy designing/writing my own tools and extending existing tools to automate things I would otherwise be doing by hand. Sometimes, I’ll do this to force myself to try new things.

For example, this website, the superset of github flavored markdown I built up to author this site, and the static site generator I wrote that ties it all together were a result of me wanting to get into long form writing.

That’s the excuse I give myself, anyway. I don’t actually care for long form writing, I just really like metaprogramming.

It’s a never-ending process.


Things I’ve made recently

I have a collection of notes and writings located at /notes if you’re interested.

Old projects

Contact me

If it’s about a project or a page on this website, open an issue or a pull request on GitHub at one of the links above.

New! — If you prefer e-mail or discord, my contact info is below. I’ll congratulate you if your e-mail scraper can read POSIX shell command language.

microsounds@effe:~$ cat contact_info.txt | gzip | base64 -w 0 \
>	| sed -E -e 's/(.)(.)/\2\1/g' -e 's/.{4}/& /g' | fold -s
4HIs AAAA AACA 9AVP QhLA yGRC FXiq 5maF Alkp qcmX mJmb CWkm uFnQ xJbp qODS HuJr
b+cl ZKFn fyFl VKKY SxFU Yq5m pymZ pBcZ JAR/ fkH1 AAAA


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